Golden Days at Home

Best At Home Preschool Curriculum

Created for preschooler parents committed to making the most of this precious, foundational time.    

You Are Your Child's Greatest Teacher

The most significant lessons your child will ever learn are from watching and listening to you, their parent. Your mentoring role can positively influence every aspect of your young child’s life. Maximize this precious, foundational time with Golden Days at Home, the best at home preschool curriculum. Fun, high-quality weekly lesson plans support you as parent teacher. Golden Days at Home provides a confident resource to spend deliberate time with your child teaching, creating, reading and enjoying shared experiences to influence a lifetime.

Frederick by Leo Lionni preschool lesson plan activities
My Friend Rabbit Preschool Lesson Plan activities

Your Teaching Brings Quality Picture Books to Life

Our author’s expertise in creating the Golden Days at Home best at home preschool curriculum helps every parent become a very effective teacher. Each weekly lesson plan objectives, tutorials and activities are inspired by an award-winning picture book. Read the book to your child then move comfortably through the week using the easy-to-follow plan for preparation and instruction. Teach simple, fun lessons in geography, pretend/drama, pre-math and many more. You will share the wonder and magic of learning with your child as you bring timeless picture books to life.

Inspired by the Past, Created for Your Child Today

Your young child can become overwhelmed by the noise and busyness of the world around them. In response, we looked back to a quieter, gentler time for qualities to incorporate into the Golden Days at Home curriculum. Nature walks, nursery rhymes, simple art projects, hands-on science discovery and other nurturing, classic childhood activities fill the lessons you teach. Home-gathered teaching materials supplement the screen-free curriculum creating a relaxed and manageable environment for your child to learn, grow and thrive.

The Biggest Bear by Lynd Ward Preschool Lesson Plan activities
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Our Founder and Author

As the mother of five children, all grown and on their own now, I work to share what I have learned along the parenting path, knowledge gained from my studies, as well as my research and experience working with young children. For myself, when it comes to parenting, I can honestly say I did my best when my children were young. But, looking back I admit that I would choose to do some things differently. I am now on the other side of parenting young children and humbly offer wisdom, resources and a 20/20 hindsight perspective in an effort to support young families through the fleeting yet foundational stage of early childhood. I am eager to assist parents in their desire to provide and protect a nurturing home environment for their young children, enlighten and inspire the practice of conscious parenting and encourage parents in their influential and honorable role. 

Human beings were built to need connection with others. Children and adults alike thrive in safe, close relationships allowing them to feel calm and accepted. It is how our brains are built. The connection between parent and child is crucial for the healthy development of young children. Without this bond, children often experience problems with behavior and have difficulty dealing with emotions and new situations. The effects can carry on right through childhood into their adult life.

Parents have the critical role of consciously developing pathways for connection with their child. Patterns set up in early childhood form the basis of future relationships. Creating consistent, safe, intimate opportunities for engagement opens these pathways for connection, essential to a child’s health and well being. Inspired by the parent/child need for connection, I’ve created the Golden Days at Home early childhood weekly lesson plans as a trusted and reliable resource to support conscious parenting. 

Those who prioritize early parent/child connections enjoy a loving and engaging relationship. Not only can this affect families individually, but envision the constructive impact the next generation would have on our world if we all commit to prioritizing the parent/child relationship. To bring forth a kinder and connected generation who can think critically and make better decisions is achievable. We are experiencing a moment in time when our country strongly needs this. Parenting is powerful and choosing to practice conscious parenting empowers children now and throughout their life. 

To support conscious parenting, I have developed the Golden Days at Home early childhood curriculum aiding parents in their desire to cultivate more meaningful connections with their child or children.

I want to gift you a free downloadable lesson plan to get started!  

- Janet Nicole Meyer

B.S. ElemEd, SpecEd
Brigham Young University

Lesson Plans

48 weekly lesson plans to complete a preschool year

17 subject areas to teach throughout the week

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

Free Lesson Plan

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