Parent Journal

a mother and daughter are dressed in colorful coats walking hand in hand outside on a path. Golden autumn leaves cover the ground and trees with dark trunks line the path.

Autumn Activities at Home

Autumn is nature’s annual, bounteous gift offering a plethora of autumn activities at home. This gentler season of wind swept skies invites a time to

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Easter Sunday

Spring is here and alongside the budding anticipation of blossoms, fresh green grass and bird song, is Easter. Many Easter celebrations revolve around children. Families

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St. Patrick's Day tradition display on wooden table. Green, pistachio pudding served in individual clear glasses with ornate gold spoons. Gold foil chocolate coins and Lucky Leprechaun note displayed on table.

St. Patrick’s Day Traditions

St. Patrick’s Day traditions are fun for families to create and share. Traditions including food, games, surprises and more bring a family together and make lasting memories.

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St. Valentine’s Day

*download FREE Golden Days at Home Valentines below St. Valentine’s Day will soon be here. Your child may be seeing and hearing signs of this

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An opened box of Crayola's Colors of the World crayons are set on a coloring page. A small globe is next to the crayons on the wooden table.

Colors of the World

At a young age, while drawing a rudimentary self-portrait stick figure, I would search for the right skin color amongst the choice of crayons inside

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