Parent Journal

a mother and daughter are dressed in colorful coats walking hand in hand outside on a path. Golden autumn leaves cover the ground and trees with dark trunks line the path.

Autumn Activities at Home

Autumn is nature’s annual, bounteous gift offering a plethora of autumn activities at home. This gentler season of wind swept skies invites a time to

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Easter Sunday

Spring is here and alongside the budding anticipation of blossoms, fresh green grass and bird song, is Easter. Many Easter celebrations revolve around children. Families

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St. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day will be here soon. Your child may be seeing and hearing signs of this sweet, pink and red-bedecked holiday and pose the question,

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An opened box of Crayola's Colors of the World crayons are set on a coloring page. A small globe is next to the crayons on the wooden table.

Colors of the World

At a young age, while drawing a rudimentary self-portrait stick figure, I would search for the right skin color amongst the choice of crayons inside

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