Lesson Plan Guide

Best at Home Preschool Curriculum - Weekly Lesson Plan Features:

The 17 subject lessons in each weekly lesson plan include:

  • subject title: subject lesson objective
  • a quote from the featured book that inspired the subject lesson or activity
  • To Collect: materials needed for lesson or activity
  • To Make: items to be made or setting prepared for lesson or activity
  • activity to support lessons

In lessons, a prompt for teacher’s voice is printed in bold type if needed to support teaching. All further suggestions in subject lessons are in plain type. 

The subject lessons in this best at home preschool curriculum may be taught in any order. However, at times, subject teaching order is suggested in parentheses (To Follow Science activity), (Discuss over Nursery Tea), etc.

*SAFETY: precautions for child’s health and safety 

Enrichment: suggested activities to enhance lesson, if needed or desired

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Best at Home Preschool Curriculum -
Subject Lessons:

Calendar: lesson month

Communication with Parents: if needed for parents of guest children – notes, invitations, or instructions to be sent home

Nursery Tea: 2 book-related menu suggestions for snack time with recipes and photo

Display: featured book of the week and suggested object on display to give a clue to the story and set the mind wondering

Welcome Activity: assorted toys and games set out on arrival to class, child preparation help for a subject lesson or activity during the week

At the Hearth: read aloud the featured book of the week to set the stage for all the week’s lessons and activities, choose a comfortable, established place to consistently gather before each teaching session to read, re-read the book

History: lessons and activities to introduce chronology, past reality and the broad concept of time

Geography: lessons and activities to develop a sense of place and in turn, a sense of belonging

Science: lessons and activities to encourage wonder, discovery and exploration as well as to develop overall awareness and key life skills

*Best at Home Preschool Curriculum Suggestion: The following 4 subject lessons: Fresh Air & Recreation, Nursery Tea, Personal Growth/Feelings and Alphabet Time are best presented to children in this order for consistency and structure

Fresh Air & Recreation: take a break with structured and unstructured outside time to release energy, move, play, socialize and enjoy fresh air as many times a day as desired or needed

Serve Nursery Tea: after coming inside, child/children and teacher sit together and enjoy a prepared snack while discussing the Personal Growth/Feelings lesson together, a favorite time of day for both teacher and children in this best at home preschool curriculum

Personal Growth/Feelings: (Discuss over Nursery Tea) opportunity to learn and identify own feelings, share opinions, thoughts and feelings, listen to others and recognize their feelings

Alphabet Time: consistent lesson format and fun activity to learn and recognize the name and sound associated with each letter of the alphabet, the building block of literacy

Pretend/Drama: lessons and activities to support and encourage imagination and creativity through role-play, social interaction and experimenting with the power of language

Music & Rhyme: lessons and activities with rhythm and repetition to naturally help boost a child’s language and literacy skills as the mind and body work together

Arts & Crafts: lessons and activities to support sensory and fine motor skills, creativity, imagination, self-expression and encourage a sense of pride in their creations

The World Around Us: lessons and activities to promote an understanding of and answers to what, where, how and why questions about the world around them

Pre-Reading/Writing: this best at home preschool curriculum includes age-appropriate lessons and activities to prepare for reading and writing readiness

Pre-Math: lessons and activities introducing simple math concepts, terminology and number sense

Thinking Skills: lessons and activities providing opportunities for personal responsibility and developing critical thinking skills

Perceptual: lessons and activities to develop sensory awareness and a greater perception of child’s own body in space

Language Skills: lessons and activities to promote language development and expression, supporting the progress of literacy

Addition to Classroom: an object from the week to become a permanent fixture in the classroom, a reminder of the featured book and its fun activities

With love, Janet Nicole: a quote chosen or written by the author with you, the teacher and caregiver in mind to support, uplift, applaud and encourage you in your powerful and precious parental role 

Best at Home Preschool Curriculum -

Nursery Rhyme – a timeless nursery rhyme to share with your child each week

Photographs – two charming photos for fun and reference: lesson materials, crafts, projects and Nursery Tea

*a little bit of magicPreschoolers, “the magic years”, aren’t able to grasp all there is about the world so they often make-up their own magical explanations for why or how things are. This little, weekly sparkle encourages the magic and you get to join in!