Welcome to the wonderful world of Golden Days at Home - the playful preschool curriculum

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Janet Nicole Meyer and creating the Golden Days at Home curriculum has been a dream as well as a lifelong passion and pursuit of mine. An essential part of this dream is that Golden Days at Home becomes a source of support, inspiration and joy for you and your child or children as you invest in making your dreams for your family come true.

I am a mother to five children, all grown and on their own now. When each one of my children was very young, I was committed and determined to share this precious time doing good things for and with my little one to satisfy my deep desire to savor each golden day with each other. We would spend time together, haphazardly at best, reading, playing, singing, creating, exploring outside and teaching each other. I share treasured childhood memories with each of my children but I also remember through those years wishing for a dependable resource to follow such as a fun and playful preschool curriculum. I wished to ensure I provided, along with love and nurturing, the experiences and groundwork my young child needed before sending them off to kindergarten. With each child, my perspective became even more sharply aware of this precious, fleeting stage. So with this acquired wisdom, I have created Golden Days at Home curriculum for you.

I hope this playful preschool curriculum, 15 years in the making but that’s another story, provides a delightful and joyful, yet comprehensive and satisfying teaching/learning experience for you and your young family. It has been an absolute pleasure to create, relying on my life experiences of motherhood, degrees in education and opportunities enjoyed and savored while living around the world with my husband and children. I look forward to getting to know you and supporting you in your exciting and powerful role as parent teacher.

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Our Founder & Author

A mother to five myself, I appreciate the importance of quality time with children. Through Golden Days at Home, my mission is to provide parents with not only a playful preschool curriculum but also a trusted and lighthearted resource for at-home education for their children age 3 – 5 years. Each weekly lesson plan includes nearly 20 different subject lessons and activities specifically designed to encourage a child’s growth and kindergarten readiness. Through this unique at home opportunity, children move through their cognitive, creative, emotional, and physical development naturally, guided with love.

- Janet Nicole Meyer

B.S. ElemEd, SpecEd
Brigham Young University