Autumn Activities at Home

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a mother and daughter are dressed in colorful coats walking hand in hand outside on a path. Golden autumn leaves cover the ground and trees with dark trunks line the path.
For an autumn activity at home, a mother and child are dressed in jackets going for a walk. Fallen leaves cover the sidewalk

Autumn is nature’s annual, bounteous gift offering a plethora of autumn activities at home. This gentler season of wind swept skies invites a time to rest as the carefree and high-spirited activities of summer come to a close. A more orderly lifestyle ensues and with it comfortable temperatures as well as the reassuring bounty found at this time of year. Colorful and fruitful magic is bestowed by the trees while furry-tailed residents busily prepare larders as half of their previous room and board situation will not be offered come winter. Autumn is a wonderful time to support your child’s natural curiosity and wonder of the world. We have compiled a list of intentional ways to share autumn together as a family and awaken every sense savoring this cozily splendid season.


Sweaters, raincoats, gumboots, hats… have been stored away for quite awhile. Rummage around closets to locate forgotten clothing items then give them a shake and try them on. Do you have both boots of the pair? Have little arms grown out of sleeves? Is there still a raincoat that fits? Where are the umbrellas? As the weather begins to change, place these cool and wet weather clothing items in ready reach of family members. Assist your child in pulling on a sweater or zipping up a sweatshirt to enjoy outside time in the exhilarating temperatures and fresh breezes. After an autumn rain, enjoy autumn activities at home…suggest a ride on the tricycle or a stomp along the wet driveway. Gather sticks to push small boats in the puddles. Once inside, hang wet things to dry in the laundry room. It is fun to wear and put these familiar and all but forgotten clothes to work once again.

A black and white vintage image of two squirrels bordering a home in the countryside in autumn offering a countryside full of autumn activities at home.

As autumn arrives, new outdoor activities begin to take place beneath the changing trees’ colorful benevolence. Head outside together for a leisurely walk around the neighborhood to discover what the season offers for autumn activities at home. You may notice a ladder disappearing into the branches of an apple tree as a neighbor gathers fruit in boxes or baskets. Can you spy someone growing orange pumpkins in their garden? In this milder climate, you may meet new dogs and their owners out for a walk during the day. Watch squirrels at play and listen for the caw of black crows. Birds are more visible now on branches against the contrast of thinning, golden leaves. Is there a climbing tree in your neighborhood park? You may find sitting in a tree in the autumn looks different than in the summer! Gaze upward and discover v-shaped flocks of birds on their annual trek to warmer climates. You may catch the scent or see smoke rising from a chimney as the first logs of the season are burned in fireplaces. Perhaps, you’ll see a bonfire as a neighbor burns fallen leaves and branches collected from their property. Be curious to discover the many interesting changes around your neighborhood as the autumn season unfolds.

A young brother and sister hug outside on a hike enjoying an autumn activity at home with their dad.
An autumn neighborhood scene inviting an autumn activity at home amongst the red fall leave strewn path.
A child's hands showing an autumn activity at home, collecting colorful autumn leaves on the ground.

When the leaves begin to fall, grab a rake from the garage and begin creating leaf piles. The joy of jumping into the crackly mounds and gathering armfuls of colorful leaves to throw in the air is an autumnal childhood rite and just one of the many classic autumn activities at home. The work of clearing and raking leaves into bags may not be what is most important today. Just enjoy this seasonal pastime as it is memory-making for all. Discover and gather a collection of fallen leaves as well as other discarded gifts from trees. It becomes a fun scavenger hunt searching for pine cones, nuts, seeds and leaves in a variety of colors and shapes. Create autumnal art work by gluing the collection onto sturdy paper or arrange and seal between two pieces of clear contact paper. Bring your child’s leaf treasure inside for all the family to enjoy. 

Apple picking, an autumn activity at home. A mother's hands offering four bright red apples.

Let’s bite into this crunchy season! Bright apples are abundant as well as pears and grapes to include the taste of autumn at home. A snack plate of sliced apples to dip in almond butter (be aware of nut allergies) is a perfect after school or playdate treat. Did you know an apple holds a secret? Cutting an apple in half across the middle reveals a star at its center. Cut the apple into very thin slices this way to share with your child. They will have fun eating around the center star of each slice. Apples are also easy to drop into a coat pocket as you send your little one out to play. They’ve got a snack at the ready if their tummy gets a bit hungry while running about. Gather your family around one evening and watch a movie together. Serve a bowl of buttery, salted popcorn with a plate of crispy, sliced apples for a timeless, weekend treat.

a messy collection of materials on a wooden table used for a preschool lesson including a teddy bear, Aa flash cards, small cars, wooden blocks and a snack of tea and toast.

Autumn begins the start of the new school year. Share the many benefits of teaching your preschooler at home – you do not need a degree to do so! Golden Days at Home Preschool Curriculum is a supportive program for parents because we believe you are your child’s greatest teacher. The most significant lessons your child will ever learn are from watching and listening to you. A parent’s invested, mentoring role positively influences every aspect of their young child’s life. Begin the school year with the Golden Days at Home lesson plans and maximize your influence during this precious, foundational time for your child. Each weekly lesson plan is inspired by an award-winning picture book. Story times, nature walks, nursery rhymes, simple art projects and hands-on science discovery fill the lessons you teach. You will share the wonder and magic of reading and learning with your child as you bring timeless picture books to life. Another impactful advantage of teaching from home is that your child is immersed in a familiar, relaxed and manageable environment where they are able to learn, grow and thrive. This autumn, begin the Golden Days at Home preschool curriculum. It provides a confident resource to spend deliberate time with your child teaching, creating, reading and enjoying shared experiences to influence a lifetime.

Autumn Story by Jill Barklem

Autumn Story is a charmingly illustrated children’s book from the author’s popular The Four Seasons of Brambly Hedge series. The story features the young mouse Primrose Woodhouse who wanders off and becomes lost and frightened at the close of an autumn’s day. We, at Golden Days at Home, award a Childhood Gem Gold Star to Autumn Story and all the books by Jill Barklem featuring the industrious Brambly Hedge mouse community.

Janet Nicole Meyer

Janet Nicole Meyer

The founder and author of Golden Days at Home preschool curriculum savors all opportunities to play and travel with her now grown children. She and her husband hike, bike and enjoy living on a stream in Boulder, Colorado with their elderly English Mastiff, Roxy.

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